HR for HR

By HR managers, for HR managers

Each day, the issues that companies face give rise to needs that affect their smooth running. We have a team of HR experts who have been selected for their specialist training, their experience in the field of human resources, their (inter)personal skills, and their passion for people and the world of work.

As external specialists, we look at your situation with a fresh pair of eyes and take care to immerse ourselves in your daily reality so that we can offer the solution that best meets your needs. The unique HR Partners approach guarantees the same level of engagement as you would expect with a normal employee, while benefiting from the experience and skills of an external resource for a defined period.

Your current and future challenges

HR Partners emerged as the result of our thoughts on the six main challenges that human resources departments can find themselves facing, today and in the future:

The HR department’s positioning

What is its identity within the business? What role does it play? How can we make the most of its contribution to the company?

Talent management

How can we attract talent? How can we retain talent? How can we identify talent? How can we make the most of people’s potential?

A focus on employees

How can we focus on colleagues? How can we organise things so as to take their relationship with the company and their well-being into consideration? How can we respond to their travel needs?

Changing cultures and the culture of change

How can we manage change? How can we guide colleagues and managers through this change? How can we anticipate evolutions?

Company and personal leadership

How can we improve managers? How can we boost their capacity to direct teams? What will the role of the manager be in the future and how can we prepare them for these new challenges?

Processing and analysing HR data

How can we manage human resources data (salaries, turnover, recruitment, etc.)? How can we identify targets during a recruitment campaign?

HR Partners takes on these challenges using the experience built up by its teams over the course of their collaborations with hundreds of public and private clients, ensuring an effective, targeted response.

A flexible, tailored approach

At HR Partners, we do not try to make your company fit into a theoretical, pre-defined framework. We always put forward solutions that are adapted to your needs and designed just for you. Our teams handle each case individually and establish workable solutions that suit you.

A long-term relationship

Trust, commitment and engagement are the HR Partners watchwords. What we want is to work together with you to devise the most relevant responses. We employ sustainable solutions and guarantee that what we implement today will still be valid in future.

Working closely with you

In our globalised, highly digitised world, our aim is to work closely with your company and maintain a local presence. The HR Partners network covers the whole of Belgium, with offices in Brussels, Wallonia (Wavre) and Flanders (Drongen).