Specialists who respond to your needs and projects

We boast a pool of experienced colleagues as well as a broad network of freelancers to handle the HR activities traditionally managed by a company’s human resources department. We are able to respond to your needs quickly by providing the right consultants to run a project, additional support in the case of an increased workload, and even a stand-in to replace one of your absent HR colleagues. This support can range from temporary to long term and from part time to full time.


Our consultants can take on roles in any area, from day-to-day operations to strategic decision-making and methodology, specifically:

  • HR manager
  • recruitment expert
  • learning & development specialist
  • compensation & benefits expert
  • HR analyst & architect
  • project manager
  • change manager
  • others

At HR Partners, we use our human resources specialists to recruit your human resources specialists. In this way, we can accurately analyse and understand your needs to find the perfect match between your desired profile and the successful candidate.