Diversity and inclusion charter

At HR Partners people -our employees, our clients and our candidates- are our main focus. We are committed to the following pillars and expect all our employees to sign the following principles of our diversity charter.

  • HR Partners will proactively maintain diversity in recruitment and employment. We believe that the right to work is a universal human right. To ensure this, our selection is based solely on job-related competencies, ambition, motivation, corporate culture and values.
  • Anti-discrimination is an important part of our daily job. We are committed to actively maintain a neutral attitude towards all diversity criteria such as gender, age, country of origin, race, colour, social status, sexual orientation, disability and religious belief.
  • When working for clients, we apply the same values on a broader scale. We are committed to upholding these pillars of diversity.
  • Respect is the basis of our organisation and operation; we do not tolerate discrimination between colleagues.