HR for HR

The mobilisation of our Talents, essential in creating value

People are a key asset for our organisations, which therefore devote significant resources to the recruitment, development, growth and well-being of their staff.

Despite this investment, many organisations are faced with talent volatility, even when the labour market is tight, as we are currently experiencing: on the one hand, the supply of jobs far outstrips demand; on the other hand, the relationship between employee and employer has been challenged by the pandemic crisis.

Your current and future challenges

Talent attraction, retention and mobility

How to attract talent ? How to retain them ? How to identify them ? How to deploy their potential ?

Focusing on the well-being and commitment of employees

How to focus on employees ? How to take into consideration their relationship with the company and their well-being in the organisation ? How to address their mobility issues ?

Digitalization and change management

How to manage change ? How to lead employees and managers through this change ? How to anticipate developments ?

Flexibility and work organisation

How to manage flexibility of time and place of work ? How to manage the NWOW sustainably ? How to manage the evolution of the workforce and the outsourcing of certain activities ?

Social responsibility, diversity and inclusion

How to integrate social and environmental concerns into the company's activities ? How to deploy diversity and inclusion policies ? How to optimise its mobility and fleet management policy ?

Organisational and personal leadership

How to develop managers ? How to improve their ability to lead teams ? What will be the role of tomorrow's manager and how to prepare them for their new challenges ?

HR data processing and analysis

How to manage human resources data (salaries, turnover, recruitment...) ? How to identify targets for recruitment ?

The positioning of the HR department

What is its identity within the organization ? What is its role ? How can its contribution to the life of the company be enhanced ?