Work at HR Partners

Working at HR Partners means choosing a company:

That invests in the employees’ learning trajectory and development.

From the start we will set up a learning trajectory together that is specifically tailored to your specific training needs and wants.

Where employees are recognized for their efforts and are encouraged to try out new things.

At HR Partners we look towards the future, which means that feedback is given at regular intervals. Under the motto “nobody is perfect,” we take the time to communicate in a transparent manner not only about what went great, but also about how we can develop further and how we should undertake this process. Since we’re only human, mistakes can be made as long as you take the initiative.

Where autonomy and taking responsibility is stimulated.

We encourage our employees to take part in various working groups, where everyone’s input is appreciated and taken into consideration. Do you have an idea around a certain theme that you would like to bring forward? At HR Partners we’re all ears.

Where working is fun and human relations are valued.

Collegiality and human interactions are very important to us. We support each other during our various projects so you never feel left out in the cold. There are a lot of activities organized, both during and outside of working hours, that are accessible to everyone but obligatory for no one. 

Where you work with pride (which you can’t seem to stop mentioning to your friends and family).

An ecological organization within an international environment, where professionalism, collegiality, togetherness and diversity represent fundamental values.

Working as a freelancer for HR Partners means:

  • Receiving proposals for assignments that are in line with your competences and experience.
  • Have a final say in the assignments proposed to you.
  • Getting support from people who know HR like the back of their hand.
  • Being in direct contact with the back office of our company.
  • A correct and timely payment.
  • Being involved in HR Partner’s initiatives and events.
  • The possibility of choosing a long-term cooperation.

Not without reason we received the Happy at Work award again this year!

Happy at Work