“Our expertise lies in providing interfaces between different IT systems, and consequently in the integration and transformation of the data and protocols used by these systems,” Alain Kunnen explains, introducing Satisco, the IT company he founded in 2005 and has been managing since then. “Computer systems, such as those in banks, are constantly communicating and exchanging data, but they speak different languages,” he says. "So you need a translator to convert the data so that everyone can understand each other. This work of interfacing and translating between different protocols is a job that requires very specific and specialised skills: not only do we need to master a large number of protocols and technologies, but we also need to have a good understanding of our clients' businesses, being major accounts active in the financial, banking and industrial sectors.”

Looking for profiles that are as rare as they are coveted

Positioning in this very specific niche inevitably raises an important challenge: finding the right profiles on the job market. “Currently we employ about 50 people. Given the specificities of our mission, we need very sharp profiles... profiles that are as rare as they are wanted. And this poses a recurring problem when recruiting: we spend far too much time and energy on work that is not our core business. We need a real strategy to attract the right profiles, knowing that our visibility among candidates is low. We have been aware of this problem for a long time, but so far we have not been able to solve it.”

The right processes to work better

In this context Alain Kunnen called on HR Partners. “Our needs were clear: source and recruit IT specialities and set up processes and a recruitment method. Our goal is to regularly receive applications from the right profiles. A whole communication strategy must be put in place and new channels must be explored to reach our target audience, for example via universities, job days, social networks... We therefore asked HR Partners to analyse all these needs and define the right acquisition strategies, describe the right processes and implement them. We also wanted HR Partners to provide us with someone who could act as a concertmaster to put all this into practice.

Results that exceed expectations

And so far, the results have exceeded expectations. “HR Partners introduced us a consultant whose profile matched our expectations perfectly. Her mission began during the course of the lock-down and we are positively surprised by the results. Katrijn has a good understanding of our business, our specificities and our needs, which was not easy for an outsider. All of this was perfectly summarised in her reports and she also suggested leads that I had not thought of. And, icing on the cake, Katrijn is now successfully completing her first recruitments.  So I am very satisfied with the added value of HR Partners, which is becoming a strategic partner for us for the future,” Alain concludes.

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