"Software craftsmanship" symbolizes the DNA of Continuum and runs like a common thread throughout the organization. Software Craftsmanship is an approach to software development that aims for high-quality, well-designed, and well-maintained software.

The pillars of software craftsmanship include various principles and practices that contribute to achieving these goals. These include craftsmanship, attention to quality and continuous improvement, collaboration & mentorship, implementing best practices, responsibility, and focusing on the human side of software development.

Axel Segers, the CEO of Continuum, leaves no doubt: these quality principles are key for us – they guarantee an optimal and long-term collaboration with the client and the consultant.


This requires strong employees with the right expertise and attitude.

Searching for new software crafters takes a lot of time, energy, and a good understanding of our norms and values.

It also requires an extensive network to convince these highly sought-after profiles to come work for Continuum.


That is exactly why we have engaged HR Partners to support us in our recruitment process. Their expertise was necessary for us to optimize our recruitment actions.

In the meantime, HR Partners is not just a service provider for us – they have become a fixed sparring partner for our team and are a significant added value to us in attracting and retaining software talents.


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