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Candice Duvivier, the HR Director of Groupe Comet, approaches her roles across all the companies within the group in a holistic manner. When she needed to strengthen her team with Payroll professionals, she turned to HR Partners. "Profile analysis, candidate search, screening, initial interviews... I only had to intervene at key moments, which turned out to be as comfortable as it was efficient!"

Transitioning from the scrap metal business in Charleroi to becoming a leading technological player in metal recovery and recycling, that's the path Groupe Comet has taken to establish itself as a global leader in recycling highly specific materials. Groupe Comet now experiences continuous growth and encompasses various companies, with a presence in Belgium, Europe, Asia, and South America. Comet employs over 400 people, and this number is expected to increase further as numerous recruitments are ongoing.

A key player in the circular economy

"Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, end-of-life vehicles, electronic or electrical equipment waste, grinding residues... by developing our own technologies, we can recover nearly 100% of certain materials," explains Candice. "Given the ongoing energy transition that requires more and more metals, such as those used in batteries, our strategic vision demonstrates its relevance more and more each day. Because this increasingly fine recovery is a highly specific expertise. This commitment to the circular economy also means that we have diverse and varied professional profiles in the group. It ranges from individuals in vocational training who dismantle a car with a hammer to Ph.D. researchers conducting projects on highly specific materials. Given the diversity of missions, we offer our employees numerous opportunities for career advancement and, consequently, training."

In search of payroll specialists

Due to the growth in the workforce, Candice and her team needed reinforcements, especially for their payroll tasks. But how to find the perfect fit for this profession in high demand? "We asked HR Partners to handle the end-to-end recruitment of the two payroll specialists we needed. Why did we outsource this mission? Firstly, because we were overwhelmed. But also because we needed a payroll specialist partner capable of quickly finding these highly sought-after profiles in the market thanks to the quality of their network."

On the ground, the work done by HR Partners met their expectations. "We discussed with them in advance to define the profiles we were looking for with maximum precision. Their know-how allowed us to see more clearly and guided us in the right direction because we still had to define part of the content of one of the two jobs. One of their experts then handled the recruitment itself, conducting market research and screening, compiling reports on the most interesting profiles, and organizing interviews."

Fast and efficient

"What I appreciated throughout this mission? Their speed, flexibility, and smooth communication, as well as the fact that I was only involved at key moments, for example, to approve a profile," continues Candice. "They took care of everything else, which resulted in a rapid completion of this recruitment. It all worked well because the preparatory work allowed them to understand the profiles we were looking for and thus propose the right candidates. So yes, the collaboration fully met our expectations."

What's next?

"We're considering how we can evolve our training strategy. HR Partners has also advised us with the same efficiency on how to move forward. And that will undoubtedly be useful when this project becomes more concrete," concludes Candice.

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