DynaFin Consulting

Active in the financial consulting world, DynaFin Consulting has continually evolved to better meet the demands of an ever-changing market. In recent years, the need to strengthen the company's structure became paramount, leading to the creation of a Manager Coach team. 

Jo Cuyvers, Managing Partner of Dynafin Consulting, shares his journey: "Our goal was clear - to more effectively support our coaching teams, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary managerial skills, especially in communication, emotional management, and the ability to handle pivotal moments with our consultants."


"When it came to choosing a partner for this venture, HR Partners, known for their expertise in employee engagement and well-being, emerged as a natural choice," says Jo.


The collaboration with HR Partners not only provided Dynafin Consulting with strategies and skills to better support their teams in their daily roles as consultants but also strengthened the overall engagement of the company's employees, as evidenced by their 'Happy@work' certification. Their approach, characterized by care and a focus on personal development, was pivotal in achieving these outcomes.

"We noticed a significant improvement in how our teams operate, with a more proactive approach to challenges and a greater emphasis on personal growth. Our collaboration with HR Partners was crucial to this transformation," Jo adds.

In conclusion, Jo states, "Our partnership with HR Partners allowed us to create an environment where our consultants feel valued and empowered, thus strengthening our position in the market and ensuring our clients always receive the best service."

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